Orthodontic treatments for adults


Orthodontic treatments are possible at any age. Thus, adults can realign their teeth in the same way as children and adolescents.


Adults who consult an orthodontist to realign their teeth most often do so for cosmetic reasons. The beautification of the smile remains a concern at any age. If the aesthetic objective is essential, the search for the proper functioning of the dental unit is also essential: well aligned teeth facilitate brushing, thus avoiding the formation of cavities and tartar buildup. This thorough brushing contributes to the protection of the gums and makes it possible to fight against the loosening of the teeth and recession of the gums. The functions of the mouth (chewing, phonation, breathing) are also improved.

All orthodontic treatment, whether in children or adults, can only be done in a healthy and clean mouth. Mastering brushing is a prerequisite for any orthodontic treatment. A complete dental examination by your dentist should be performed before the start of treatment to ensure that there is no cavities, gingivitis, or loose teeth . Otherwise, these disorders should be treated before the start of orthodontic treatment.


In adults, treatments can be done using metal or transparent braces glued to the teeth and connected by an orthodontic wire along which the teeth are moved. To make the treatment more discreet, specific techniques can be used (braces glued to the inside of the teeth - see below lingual orthodontics, Invisalign transparent plastic aligners ...)

In adults with bridges connecting several teeth, movement of this sector is impossible, unless the bridge is cut. Teeth on implants are also impossible to move. For the management of the most severe situations, surgical techniques can be associated with the treatment, in order to restore a correct position of the jaws. In some cases and to facilitate treatment, small implants can be placed in order to have a solid anchor to move the teeth more effectively. These mini-implants are removed at the end of the treatment and leave no sequelae.

Adult orthodontics is possible at any age but requires special skills.
Indeed, the absence of growth, the absence of certain teeth, the presence of prosthetic restorations, gingival damage, etc., make these treatments sometimes more complex.
Despite these particularities, each adult can benefit from orthodontic treatment regardless of their age. We even offer invisible solutions for our patients who are very aware of their dental aesthetics.
The oldest patient of Dr. Benguira had her treatment between 69 and 71 years old!