Initial consultation

The initial consultation is a appointment of an approximate duration of 30 minutes. During your first visit, we will complete a summary examination to find out your needs and select with you the treatment plan most appropriate to your expectations.


The initial consultation is an appointment lasting approximately 30 minutes. During your first visit, we will carry out a summary examination to determine your needs and determine with you the treatment planmost suitable for your expectations.

During this meeting, the clinical stages, the choices of recommended appliances and the fees associated with the various treatment plans proposed will be explained to you in detail. We will also encourage you to ask questions.


The first consultation visit is free.
It is not necessary to be referred by your general dentist to be able to make an appointment with us.

It is sometimes difficult to understand the options available to you in orthodontics. That is why Dr David Benguira offers a free consultation if you wish to have a second opinion; He will take the time to explain things to you and your child in a simple and objective way.