For the health protection of patients, staff and the environment, the daily organization of the clinic meets strict rules ofhygiene at all times, pandemic or not.


The layout of our office is designed to delimit a clinical space in which contact with the outside is limited to the maximum.
A specific instrument processing room is separate from the examination and treatment room.
Our team washes their hands before and after each intervention with an antiseptic gel.

Gloves and medical masks are worn during treatment and discarded after each intervention.
In the sterilization room, isolated from the rest of the clinical space, the non-disposable instruments are soaked in a decontaminating bath, then passed to ultrasound with disinfectant, bactericide and fungicide products.
Finally they are put in a bag and sterilized in an autoclave.

After each treatment, the following measures are systematically taken:

Disposable dental supplies are thrown away (cups, gloves, saliva ejector, etc.)The treatment area is cleaned and disinfected with a hospital disinfectant, to ensure that all germs are eliminated.

Non-disposable instruments are treated in the sterilization room and kept sterile in specific bags.

The waste is sorted, then eliminated in specific containers in order to be incinerated under control and in respect of the environment.
In addition, all the health recommendations for Covid 19 management are followed as given by the MSSS Covid 19 Measuresare of course implemented according to the MSSS criteria.

The material undergoes a treatment meeting the current hospital sterilization standards.