Orthodontic emergencies


Brace or wire that hurts

If a brace causes injury, we recommend to place wax on the irritating area to prevent the formation of an ulceration. If it is a piece of wire that pokes, you can also place a little piece of wax on the wire in question or use a nail clipper to cut the protruding end. In both cases, if the problem persists, do not hesitate to call the clinic to schedule an appointment. During our absence your dentist can relieve you by cutting the wire

Loose brace or loose lingual retainer

If a brace comes off, there is no need to have it reglued on if it does not cause pain. The nearest dentist can remove it if it bothers you. As soon as you return, call us so that we can tell you whether or not to modify your appointments. The brace is not likely to fall since it is attached to the wire, unless it is placed on the last tooth. Let us know, we will put it back on at your next appointment.

Loose brace or deformed wire

When a brace is unglued or the wire is bent or out of a brace, don't worry. This sometimes happens because of pressure when eating or biting. If a wire comes out, gently push it under a well fixed brace with the end of an eraser. Or put some wax. Call us quickly so we can help you out. If you are away from home, the nearest dentist may grind or cut any discomforting part of the appliance. We will then fix what you need when you return.



When we place your braces , it does not hurt.
It is only 2 hours after the teeth become sensitive to pressure. It lasts 3 to 7 days depending on the patient. To relieve pain quickly, just take the usual drugs for headaches or other pain: Tylenol, Advil,…
For one or two weeks, the lips, cheeks or tongue may be irritated, until you completely get used to your appliances.
By putting wax on the parts of the appliance that hurt, it passes. We will show you how.

Mobility of teeth

This is completely normal during treatment. Do not worry. The teeth must be slightly mobile to be able to be moved. Each tooth becomes well fixed as soon as the treatment is finished and when it is in an equilibrium position.

Unglued fixed appliance

If it is an expansion device and the expansion is not complete, do not make another turn until we have corrected the situation. If there is pain, you should contact the clinic as soon as possible


Despite your precautions, if ulcers have formed, we invite you to rinse your mouth with salt water several times a day.

Removable device

If it is a removable device that hurts, only put it on at night until your next appointment. If the pressure is too great, you can also remove 1 or 2 turns of activation. For lost devices call us to schedule an appointment.

Forsus (springs)

If the lower part is no longer inserted in the upper part (spring), it is necessary to compress the spring upwards and reinsert the rod.

Forsus (springs)

If it is the upper part you can reinsert it into the large tube of the brace on the last tooth.